The edge on conceptual art Starting with an conceptual idea and develop it on the point is still can be categorised/described as conceptual art but on the edge to be fine art. Don’t steal my idea!

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University journal 

Friday was the end of first week at the Contemporary Arts Practice Course.  I had my first lecture in the theatre and I was a bit scared by the though that I might sleep at the lecture. I might one day don’t blame me is dark.

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Jealousy… of last year

Yesterday on the train back from university I remembered how last year I joined Weston Collage (for second time) to study Contemporary Arts Practice (Bath Spa University Course) and from the registration day to the day we had a trip to Bath Spa University to see their Library, I had this painfull jealousy. I just […]

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University journal 

Today we had a fun game of drawing an random object which I hated because I don’t like to draw. Give me a massive canvas and colours and I paint but I don’t like to draw in detail. We had fun at freshes fair we joined different society and I made new friends. We even […]

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University journal 

Today was event better than yesterday, I did talk with people and I felt confident which is good for me. I even did work in a sketchbook and I hate sketchbooks. Today was a perfect day! Today wise worlds: You can’t teach creativity. You can teach skills. Fail is good. And you can’t tell me […]

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University journal the start

Today I started university at Bath Spa studying Contemporary art practice or short called CAP. The uni is AWSOME with so many tutors and facilities to help us create art and evolve, all is looking exciting and I can’t wait to start this new chapter. It wil be hard, challenging and frustrating but all about […]

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Sad little art 

Hey artist, yes you the one who can paint or draw or none at all, but now anyone can be an artist, so yes you. If you do sad little art that cannot live without a pompous description from you the father or it, just give up find another hobby and pack your brushes and […]

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