I have always had an interest in art, shapes and colours and when I was 16, in 2005 I decided to study art at college in Bucharest (N.Tonitza College).

Painting was not my priority back then because I had other interests like listen to punk music and avoiding school some times, but I guess I have always been an “rebel”, but less now. After the college I started to sell my art, quite a lot, back then I knew I had talent but did not take to serious.

At 23 I moved to the UK not really conected to art and I painted even less than before.

In 2015, I started the Foundation Dipoma in Art and Design course University of Arts London, I had 3 paintings not sold which I had painted in 3 years, since moving to the UK. After I finished the course in the summer 2016, I noticed that in the year 2016 I had painted over 16 paintings which made me think about my future carrer being an artist as a full time job.

Right now I am studying Contemporary Arts Practice at Bath Spa University.

I paint when I want and what I want, I try not to paint for the public sake but because I need to paint to feel alive. I take inspiration from everywhere and recently I discovered my new hoobby photography.

Art is personal to me and I hate to explain why I painted what I did, sometimes I can’t even remember. My art is open to any interpretation and that’s why I love abstract art and the feeling of not knowing what I’ll do in my next painting.

Art can be addictive, frustrating and painfull, but if you try to avoid the cliché and not paint what others will necesary consider good, then art is perfect.

Art can be relaxing, a hobby or a busniess, but for me art is just a way of living. One day I would like my art to translate into designs for interiors or fashion.

My interests are fine art, photography, travel, fashion design, interior design, cinematography, textiles and many more things connected with art.