“Dali is only good because all the painters are bad”. Salvador Dali (in an interview, link below).

I feel that I think a bit like him and as you might now being a narcissistic and not modest artist myself I can say without copying  that I agree with the master:

” Mania is only good because all the painters are bad right now”. 

Look at the art world right now do anyone beleve that Koons or Hirst are genius of art? They don’t even know what is art as much as a kid knows and let’s face it a kid is more creative than them.

They copy, steal and make things that the artworld will be better without.

Sometimes I feel like bad artists are paid to ruin what is beautiful about art.

What is left to do?

Hope for a better future when out children’s are not thinking that anyone can be an artist and hopefully they will still study and be interested in art by masters like Bacon, Picasso, Frida for example of classics like Michelangelo and Caravaggio . 
Let’s hope they will not study the fundamental artworks by Koons or Hirst in the furture.

Let’s hope and let’s educate ourself about art. 

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