Always been fascinated with surrealism and I know I am weird from when I was small, but weird in a good way because we all artists are weird, no?

I do like surrealism and I want to experiment with this in paitings and also in photography perhaps using double exposure or triple exposure or some sort of collage like you seen in the last posts with the building and the eye.

As you might know the eye is present in almoust every piece of art I create and I was always fascinated with the eye.


I think all started when I was in school and when I bought a kind of cool 00’s toy that evrryone had, was this small box that contained gelatine and an super realistic eye made of an weird smelling jelly.

I took it with me in school and imagine we all in the class played with this eye (weird because I was very shy and anti-social but suddenly I was the cool kid with the jelly eye), untill the break was over and we all waited for the teacher to come and the anticipation that the teacher will cath us paying with such a toy in the classroom, when we all should wait seated.

I can rememeber vivid somehow I managed to play with the eye in the air and somehow the eye managed to go so high as the corner of the classroom wall where no one could ever reach it.

I was all red and waiting for the teacher to come and the desaster to begin, but all the classroom was making fun of me and shout: “The eye is eatching us now, what have you done, Alice ? haha”.

Somehow I did not get cought, but I bet after years and years the eye was still there watching the kids, perhaps is still there I can even remember the classrom (end of coridor first floor left side next to the toilets).


So now you know how all started with the eye.

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