I am an narcissistic artist

Do I care what people think about me?

Very rare.

People talk with me, but only a few can digest me and a few think i’m talented, but what do I think?

I think I am very talented , very beautiful in my way and certainly very very ambitious.

But this in not unique, so many artists (famous ones) were narcissistic and they all had problems more or less the (Yes you Dali).

I am shy and I can be very comfident when I want, but people might take me as I am ignorant and I consider myself the best.

However, as long as I do not hurn no one feelings I can say what I think !?!

I am that kind of person if I am at an art exhibition and the art leave me cold and bored, I will exit as soon as possible and comment a bit loud “This is boring!” .

If you make fun of art, you are my number one enemy.

I talk a lot, some times I can be very quiet sitting in a corner being anti-social (mostly if people around me are very different) and If I like the company I can talk very much,  abot me most of the time  and how good is my art and how much I work, I am an workaholic.


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