I’ve got the email and the invitation to the interview at Colchester Institute for Fine Art course.

Now excuse me I’m working on my portfolio…

What do you think?

About my art… Lost most of my pictures from my laptop with me and with my art but I have in plan to get them back in the mean time I have this for you. PS: the website is under construction still so stay with me and enjoy the blogs in the mean time.

Is my art as good as I think it is ?

Fresh, vibrant ? How?

Morning thoughts about my experience with Bath Spa University

I used to think about art every second…

It is amazing how some people can put down somebody with very strong beliefs about art. I’m talking about me…yes and about my experience with Bath Spa University this year…

It was awful it was horror.

I was thinking even about ending everything…my life.

They made me think I’m useless as an artist and I felt not sure to call myself an artist in front of them. We are talking about an university that is in top, where is the professionalism?

The good thing is that this was not my first experience with an University, and my first experience was with University of Arts London and was awesome and was the best year of my life as an aspiring artist. I did a foundation diploma in art and design with U.A.L, I learned a lot and painted a lot, I would say all my confidence was build that year (2015-2016) with U.A.L. That was a foundation course and I did my final major on Fine Art.

Next natural step was Undergraduate course like BA hons. And after I’ve been accepted to top art Universities ( Fine art) I decided to have a gap year because personal problems.

I applied next year to study with Bath spa a BA Hons Textile Design for interior and fashion (because I had a bit of experience and I enjoy working with textile and fashion before) and at the interview they manage to send me to the one I did not want called CAP ( I think they send everyone there because they had more space).

This should raise a question mark for me and I should doubt their professionalism but I really wanted to study that year so I said yes to a course I did not know about.

I started the course and after a month I realised we have no studio space and we just like travelers we just find a space where is a space and also I realised is basically the same course as the Foundation I did.

Lucky me that day we had a new colleague that transfered from Fine art to us CAP ( did not know we could do so).

So I decided to transfer to Fine art I was so happy because fine art was my field I always did fine art from 16.

And from that day the nightmare begin.

Another month of crying and waiting at Doors to talk to people so I can move.

I had a lot of work done for the CAP course (not because I enjoy just because I am an competitive person) and I was starting to not create art anymore or attend lectures because I was finding myself crying even when I heard the words Fine art or see their studios (perhaps a bit childish).

They asked me to go to interview for Fine Art and I was very confident that I will be accepted but at the interview they asked me 2 questions I answered just fine and then they said that is already decided I’m not for Fine arts and also they have no space.

I can’t write here all the experience because will be a long long sad blog.

My confidence gone now.

I want to think about art again the way I used …

Key prints for this experience:

They tried to tell me I’m not talented

Confidence down

Not suitable for Fine Art

Is their lost

What should I blog about…

I was thinking the other day that i want to blog about something just only because I had inspiration watching Julie & Julia.

I was thinking what should I blog about?





But I have no knowledge about it well not so much as others.

ART is all I know and my passion so I should continue to blog about art. Unlucky me I deleted the last blogs but now ill start fresh.

Ideas? None yet.

I need to learn to accept that…

Is fine to be myself as a person and as an artist.

The last two years I was just frustrated looking at others trying to be like them when the truth is that they are like them and I am like me.

Just be yourself and ill be myself.

I applied for uni

For this year, after the disappointment that I had with Bath Spa University I decided to go only for one… University of Essex in Colchester for Fine Arts course.

I applied thru UCAS.

Wish me luck!

Im back…

I did not post in a while and I deleted all my old blog entries becaouse that’s how I am sometimes.

But I moved away from Bath Spa (After the horrible experience with Bath Spa University) and I decided to make this change and run away from Somerset to Essex.

Essex it is very nice and perfect for me as an artist and as a person who wants to be around people ( in Somerset I was living country side and I was feeling lonely, but I painted a lot).

Here I did not paint yet but I decided to apply for this year university at Colchester Institute very close to where I live now and the new journey will begin.

I’ll prove that I can do better every day.

Bath spa University told me I’m no talented and im not good enough for Fine Arts they tried to keep me in a course I did not enjoy when my mind was set on Fine art course.

Well this year I will study what I want….Fine art!

PS: my first language is not English excuse the grammatically incorrect blogs.

I’m just Abstractically Correct…